We are New Eden, a Cultural Analytics, Data and Insurance Technology business and we are creating a community of like-minded professional, service-led businesses specifically Solicitors, Accountants, Architects, IFAs, Surveyors and the Education sector who value how they manage and deliver their services, more than simply what they do. ​With this data, we are also enhancing the underwriting process for insurers.

Because in a service businessWHAT we do can be easily replicated.

But WHO we are and HOW we work together and serve our clients cannot.

Because your culture is unique and is therefore the most valuable part of your organisation.

How we develop our culture plays a major part in determining

your level of commercial success.





90% in respect of all PII claims and Cyber breaches are caused through risky behaviours*. For example, a non-coherent culture, leadership issues, sub-optimal human interactions, ineffective time management with clients and each other, and 'clicksters'. 10% only through failings in your technical expertise.​


* SRA 2016-17 Limeade 202and CyberconIQ 2019-21

Your Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) and Cyber cover,

a vital statistic

A new paradigm in

risk assessment​

Professional Indemnity and Cyber Insurers have only ever measured and assessed organisations on WHAT they do, and only from an historical perspective.


New Eden greatly enhances risk assessment by adding a vital layer of data that has been unavailable until now. The data that measures the primary cause of up to 90% of claims. 


Now, the more forward-thinking insurers are realising that

HOW you run your service-led organisation is the

most important data they require to make a better-informed and more realistic assessment of risk.


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A new paradigm in business

culture assessment​

In the recent business upheavals during the pandemic ways of working and interacting have been greatly challenged. This has stretched and fragmented many business cultures. There has never been a better time to take stock of how your business culture measures up to the business challenges ahead​.


The better the risk profile you are, the better premiums you will attract – we call it Rewarding Insurance


And for 2024, we are continuing to provide our Advanced, Cultural Analytics process for FREE to all professional service organisations until 31 March (Ts&Cs apply).

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Our Cyber Security Partnership

New Eden continues to expand its cultural analytics service and critical insurance provision.


Together with behavioural science-based Cyber Security firm CyberconIQ New Eden now have a strategic alliance platform that extends our unique offerings for the benefit of clients and insurers alike, in the UK, US and Canada.