New Eden continues to expand its cultural analytics service and critical insurance provision.


Together with behavioural science-based Cyber Security firm CyberconIQ and LCM Solutions (our global platform partner), New Eden now have a strategic alliance platform that extends our unique offerings for the benefit of clients and insurers alike, in the UK, US and Canada.


New Eden assesses a client’s overall risk culture, CyberconIQ drills down into the specific behaviours that are responsible for over 90% of cyber breaches and risk. Combining our expertise we are now able to apply the collective data to improve not only insurance premiums, but also reduce the management cost of compliance in managing risk within your organisation.


We are the only partnership in the world able to measure and improve risky behaviours and reduce insurance premiums at the same time.


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In addition to our insurance offering, we also provide a stand-alone consultancy service for law firms and other service-led organisations. New Eden has developed a new way of analysing service business culture and created a bespoke, 'Balance Insight’ methodology covering the following 3 areas of an organisation's culture. An un-rivalled, cultural, service risk management information and data on your business.











We call the output of this data the 'Organisational Map' which provides us and the client with valuable management insight and specifics into what makes the organisation or team work well, and what could be/is holding it back. In addition, New Eden's cultural data analytics highlight precisely those areas of the business that require most attention as well as informing Strategic, Operational and Interpersonal imperatives.






• Service Strategy Planning, Development & Implementation

• Communications Consultancy

• Leadership & Team Building
• Risk Management in a Service

• Personality Structure Learning
& Development

• Sales & Client Service Training

•Stress & Time Management

• Cyber Security & Network Services

• Safe-Guarding Training

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Our Cyber Security Partnership