So how does New Eden collect and produce ‘Cultural Analytics’ for both clients and insurers?

Based on over 30 years of research and working with service-led organisations in the UK, across Europe and in the United States, the New Eden team has developed and created a triune-based algorithm of the 3 key aspects of running and managing a successful service business.


This algorithm comprises 3 BIQs - Balance Insight Questionnaires - at the outset which map an organisation’s culture and inherent behaviour in the ‘here and now’, assessing at the same time the potential risks for mistakes, complaints or service delight in the future.


Each questionnaire focuses on a critical area of business risk. The questionnaires are light of touch and yet deep in impact and immediately reveal  the culture of your business. Completion takes just 15 minutes per individual on our secure, Cultural Data Portal. To find out more about the simple process, click here.