Improving PII

and Cyber Premiums


Making An Underwriting Difference: with your permission, we also present your cultural data to insurers and their underwriters who want to know more about ‘how’ clients manage their business on a day-to-day basis. Then, combined with traditional underwriting criteria, this becomes the basis for enhanced risk assessment and improved levels of PII and Cyber insurance premiums.

Improving Culture and Cyber Security Behaviours


We provide unrivalled Cultural Analytics’ data for the benefit of clients who want to know ‘how’, and how well, they are running their service-led enterprises. This data, key findings and learnings are given to you in a practical action-based report, which can then be used to implement changes effectively and modifications to cultural working practices and compliance behaviours.

And for 2022, we continue to offer our Cultural Analytics process for FREE to all interested organisations until the 1st December (Ts&Cs apply). Why? Because we believe there has never been a better time to take stock of how your business culture measures up to the business challenges ahead​. Providing our cultural analytics service for free during 2022 is one of New Eden's contributions to help the professions continue to prosper and maintain business success in these ‘new normal times’.


In addition, our data has attracted two insurers who will be giving market-beating, preferential rates on Top-Up (Excess Layers) requirements for those organisations who can show they are part of ‘the New Eden way’.

Then in May/June, we will be announcing our own, exclusive 'Primary £3M Insurance' scheme for Solicitors.

This will augment our panel of insurers who are already using our enhanced underwriting data,

combined with conventional PII and Cyber data, to assess 'how' you run your service organisation,

not simply 'what' you do.


To find out more about our exclusive scheme and access to market, please call us on 03333449260 or email info@newedenway.com